NEEMSIS Organic neem oil with a natural emulsifier.
Organic quality. Cold pressed. 100% natural. Safe for people, animals and the environment.
Perfect plant protection in your organic garden
Natural biodegradable oil.
Care without chemicals.

Natural pest control

Due to its fungicidal, insecticidal and antibacterial properties, neem oil is especially popular among organic gardeners because it eliminates the need for environmentally harmful insect repellents.

Neem oil has an antifungal effect on plants and fights pests such as aphids, spider mites and caterpillars. Other insects such as bees and ladybugs, which are useful garden helpers, are spared the insecticidal effect.

NEEMSIS is ready to use

Thanks to the addition of a natural emulsifier, our oil is ready to be mixed with water and sprayed on plants. There is no need to add an artificial emulsifier, maintaining the appropriate proportions. Just mix our oil with water and start spraying.
How to use
Dilute in water
Add HEBESO® Neemsis oil to water according to the instructions on the packaging (maintain the proportions).
Mix thoroughly.
Spray the diluted solution on all leaf surfaces, including the underside.
For best results, use the product once every 2 weeks.
Neem oil contains an active substance called azadirachta, which protects plants against pests.
Azadirachtin, as one of the active ingredients of neem, affects some groups of insects, disturbing their feeding or reproductive abilities. It should be noted that the insect dies not directly as a result of azadirachtin entering the body, but as a result of the loss of feeding ability. In turn, reproductive disorders prevent the individual from participating in the process of species expansion.

Currently, azadirachtin is a promising weapon in the fight against many crop pests, such as mealybugs, aphids and potato beetles. According to research, azadirichtin causes reactions in over 300 species of insects. Due to its proven harmlessness to birds and beneficial insects, it has been approved as a plant protection product in many European Union countries.
NEEMSIS Product Information
Here you will find the most important information about the product.
  • Composition

    Our oil is a mixture of organic, cold-pressed neem oil with a natural emulsifier. 1 liter contains 0.9 l of neem oil and 0.1 l of emulsifier.
  • Force

    Azadirachtin content in organic neem oil: 1800 mg/kg
  • Dosage per 1 liter of water

    • For soft plants (cucumbers and other vegetables): 5 ml
    • For plants with hard leaves (roses, fruit trees and shrubs, many potted plants): 10 ml
    To make dosing easier, the oils come with a practical 5 ml measuring cup.
  • Warning

    Neem oil should not be used in hot weather (above 24°C) because when applied to the leaves in combination with strong sunlight it may cause burns. It is safest to use it on cloudy days or just after sunset.
  • Usage Information

    The emulsifier and neem oil mixture reacts at temperatures below approximately 21°C and changes its consistency from liquid to viscous, lumpy and then solid.

    To continue using it, simply warm the product in a water bath, on a radiator or in another warm place. If it is then shaken, nothing prevents its use.

    This does not affect the quality of the mixture.
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